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We provide evidence in online services

Evidos is on a mission: ‘By 2025, any business process can be conducted online with the right level of electronic authentication.’ Electronic transactions must have the same legal value as transactions conducted on paper. This is possible with the right solutions and the right evidence.


  • A 20-year track record as an innovative knowledge partner for more than 1,000 clients
  • One-stop shop: your solution for login, identification and signing
  • 100% in-house authentication with the combination of identification and our transaction receipt
  • Can be used internationally with the available national identity resources
  • Compliant with international laws and regulations, eIDAS, SOC II and ISO 27001
  • Scalable and easy to connect

The result is a higher conversion rate, cost savings and 100% compliance. You can experience all the convenient benefits today by trying out Evidos free of charge and with no obligation.

The electronic signature: simple, efficient and legally valid

Having your clients sign documents electronically makes processes more efficient, gives you a competitive edge and creates opportunities for new online business models. The Evidos electronic authentication platform satisfies all the legal requirements and allows you to identify your clients during the signing process by using high-quality verification methods such as Passport / National ID card check, iDIN, itsme, PKI and eIDAS.

Various countries’ signing and identification methods

The Evidos platform allows you to identify your clients or have them easily sign documents using resources with which they are familiar in their own countries, such as iDIN, itsme®, and Evidos gives you a single platform to serve all your international clients – one platform, one business partner, no hassle.

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electronic identification

Electronic identification of new clients

Evidos allows you to identify your new employees or clients online at once, based on electronic identities that are locally available. You can quickly and easily recognise your new clients and provide your services at once, while also complying with all the requirements of the financial supervisory authorities and the government. The result is a higher conversion rate, cost savings and 100% compliance.


Compliance and legal validity

The Evidos electronic authentication platform satisfies the highest security standards, such as SOC and ISO 27001. Our electronic signature and electronic identification methods meet the requirements of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, so you can feel confident in connecting your transactions through our platform.

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Industry-specific solutions

We have already helped several clients optimise their online services with our electronic signature and identification solutions. Our clients include ABN AMRO, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Makelaarsland and BNP Paribas, all of whom use Evidos electronic signature and identification solutions.

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Signing omnichannel and identifying your clients

Clients like to have the same great customer experience on your website, app and in real-life contacts. The Evidos electronic authentication platform is omnichannel and easy and quick to use, making each transaction a breeze with an electronic signature or electronic identification.

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Direct insight into transactions and authentication

Our real-time dashboard provides direct insight into outstanding transactions and signed documents. This allows greater control over the process and prevents transactions going lost. Furthermore, your clients will be sent automated reminders.

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‘Since we’re completely certain who we’re dealing with, we can prevent fraud.’

Bram Verheijen

Product and marketing manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

‘Not only does Evidos have the technology to realise such a project, it also has ample expertise in our sector.’

Ewoud Hiep

ICT programme manager, The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK)

‘Customers no longer have to wait until they receive their insurance contract by post. Instead, they can complete the process online immediately without having to give it a second thought,’

Arthur Heppener

Owner, Combi Motors

Various methods

A number of signing and identification methods in Europe that are supported by the Evidos platform.

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Start the digital transformation at your organisation today by trying out Evidos solutions free of charge and with no obligation.