We have been THE platform for electronic signatures and electronic identification for over ten years now.

It starts with evidence


Over 800 organisations worldwide currently use our solutions for electronic signatures and electronic identification. Read some testimonials here.


The Evidos electronic authentication platform satisfies the highest security standards, such as SOC and ISO 27001. Our electronic signatures and electronic identification methods meet the requirements of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation.

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To date, our solutions for electronic signatures and electronic identification have been fully integrated with over 40 forty software systems.

‘Evidos’ stands for Evidence in Online Services, that is to say being secure while operating on the internet. Evidos is a market leader in the field of electronic signatures and electronic identification. Our solutions allow you to conduct your business on the internet quickly, safely and in a legally valid manner, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of your products and services. For over a decade, Evidos has been actively involved in the latest national and international standards, legislation and technologies for identity verification and electronic signatures. Thanks to our business administration background and excellent understanding of the technical aspects, we can offer solutions to a wide range of companies and organisations in various sectors. We offer solutions that are both high quality and outcome-driven.

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Kick Willemse

Managing Director Evidos and Signhost.com

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‘Electronic transactions must have the same legal value as transactions conducted on paper’

Our mission

We aim to provide the same level of authentication for online transactions as for transactions made in the real world. When you conduct business on the internet, it is vital that you know who you are dealing with. Electronic transactions must have the same legal value as transactions conducted on paper. The reliable and secure identity verification method we use for electronic signatures provides companies with the authentication they need to be successful in the Information Age.

Evidos: Haarlems finest

Evidos is a Haarlem-based company established in 2008 by Kick Willemse, who is passionate about the subject of digital identity. Initially, Willemse provided several organisations with advice on how to use electronic signatures and recognising your target group on the internet. Not long afterwards, he also began to develop and implement several solutions pertaining to electronic identification and electronic signatures. He is involved in the latest international developments in this field.

In late 2010, Zivko Lazarov joined Evidos, which resulted in the launch of the Signhost.com service. Since then, Evidos has become a business partner to a large number of organisations engaged in secure business operations on the internet, including ABN AMRO, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, BNP Paribas and Makelaarsland. Small and medium-sized businesses also successfully use our online service solutions.

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Team Evidos

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