Evidos is named as one of Forrester’s 19 Digital Signature and Trust Services Providers

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Digital transformation is currently a hot topic for organisations all around the world. Digital transformation helps organisations to deliver a superior digital experience for their customers and employees. It also increases efficiency whilst simultaneously improving processes and identity assurance, thereby reducing legal and security risks.

Organisations can benefit from the help of trust services providers offering e-signature solutions to accelerate their organisation’s digital transformation. Forrester defines electronic signature and the trust services provider market as ‘products and services that enable the digital transformation of business processes and operations that require a legally binding agreement between parties, whose digital identities have been previously attributed and contextually verified.’

It is of paramount importance for organisations to have a thorough understanding of vendor diversity so that their needs are aligned to the vendor’s solutions. This is because vendors differ in size, capabilities, location, and industry focus. As we know, one size does not fit all. Clients must focus on the vendors who meet their specific needs by looking at the details such as; product functionalities, additional services, and the level of identity protection and validity which is offered.

Forrester, the globally renowned research and advisory body, has analysed the digital signature and trust services provider’s industry based on two factors: market presence and functionality.

The result is their annual overview of 19 digital signature and trust services providers. We are proud to announce that we are featured in this prestigious list, and prove yet again that we are market leaders in our sector.

Are you interested in reading the full report? It can be downloaded here: Forrester’s Overview of 19 Digital Signature and Trust Services Providers.

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