Evidos joins the cloud signature consortium

The demand for doing safe business online is growing fast. Not only does covid-19 push us more and more online but there is a strong increase in conducting business online in general. Thanks to the digitalization of documents and business processes it is possible to move more business to the online world. This helps to make your business processes faster, more efficient and less capital consuming and don’t forget about the environmental benefits. But conducting business online comes with risk. How do you know who you are doing business with? And what standards and methods should you take into consideration?

The European Union therefore created eIDAS – European Union’s new regulation on identification and trust services. The requirements set for secure eID and signatures are expected to influence the entire global industry.

Evidos is already for 20 years involved in contributing to the digital identity eco-system and offering cloud services for digital identification and signing. Our founder, Kick Willemse, was involved in many standardisation groups, like international boardmember of the OpenID foundation and eIDAS. There are already a lot of eID’s available and many more to come. Today the sweetspot for digital signing and identification, looking at need, volume, risk, cost and user friendliness, is centered around eIDAS low and substantial.
Currently we see a new era in the maturity and availability of eIDAS High/ Qualified certificates. A lot of customers still have to deal with a lot of hurdles to use smartcards, usb tokens and enroll in a difficult way to get to a qualified signature or eID on level high. Also there is a lot of discussions on the right and trustworthy approach looking at cloud signing or having your credentials available on your mobile phone. Therefore we want to contribute to a standard that makes it possible that consumers and companies worldwide can implement this technology in an easy manner and realise their digital ambitions. What we see is a need for an organisation like the cloud signature consortium to take the lead in these developments and also inform other standardisation bodies how this could work. We see that already a lot of good work is done in the CSC and like to join as an executive member to really contribute and meet other organisations with the same passion and ambition to solve the digital trust ecosystem. The goal is to provide a common technical specification that will make solutions interoperable and suitable for uniform adoption in the global market.

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