Digital signing of agreements in childcare

Fast, simple and legally valid

Parents expect childcare to keep up with the times. With digital signing via Evidos, the placement contracts and other agreements no longer have to be printed, scanned and sent by post. Agreements are legally signed with a few clicks. This means that as a parent you never have to wait for the return of a placement contract or amendment of an agreement. The Evidos platform is fully integrated in ROSA Software, Flexkids and KidsVision, among others.

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Our solution for Flexkids


'Evidos has reduced the lead time of an offer from two weeks to two minutes'

- Michel Cornelissen
(Director Flexkids)

It is important for childcare organizations that contracts for placements or changes are signed as soon as possible. Every day that an available place remains unfilled costs money. 'A professional childminder agency, daycare center or playgroup can no longer do without an automated business process', says Michiel Cornelissen, director of Flexkids. To make digital signing as simple as possible, a seamless integration of Evidos was an important starting point. 'The user can define the document within the Flexkids software and then process it in the signing process. Evidos has reduced the lead time of an offer from two weeks to two minutes.'

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The benefits at a glance

Digital signing via the Evidos platform: the benefits

Do you still have your agreements signed on paper? Time to switch to digital signing via the Evidos platform.

Documents: placement contracts, collection forms, amendment of agreements.

  • Agreements signed within minutes return
  • Speed ​​and convenience for you and your customers
  • No more cumbersome paper administration
  • Easy integration with your childcare software
  • 100% safe and legal

The solutions for your industry

Electronic signature

With Signhost you can immediately get started with digitally signing your insurance agreements. Digital signing can be done by e-mail or directly via a form on your website.

Electronic identification

The Electronic identification of (new) customers can be done via the Evidos platform. Of course you want to know for sure who your customer is. We determine this on the basis of locally available digital identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to digitally certify agreements, meaning the children’s parents will immediately receive all their documents in electronic format.

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