Having education contracts signed electronically

Quick, easy and legally valid

Generally speaking, it takes weeks for education contracts for new students, work placement contracts and other types of agreements to be signed and returned to education institutions. If you ensure that agreements can be signed electronically, they will be returned to you considerably sooner. Electronically signed agreements will be returned to you in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. They will be signed securely, and the signatures will be 100% legally valid. By allowing your clients to sign documents electronically, you put a stop to the ‘print-scan-dispatch-and-wait’ problem. Having documents signed electronically through the Evidos platform is easy and environmentally friendly, and is completely in line with what today’s internet-loving students will expect from you.

You are in good company

Our solution for ROC de Leijgraaf


‘After all, students tend to reply to emails faster than to snail mail.’

- Eustaach van Lent
(Information Provision and Student Administration Manager of ROC de Leijgraaf)

Processing education contracts for new students is a time-consuming and costly affair for VET colleges such as ROC de Leijgraaf. For this reason, the school decided to have this process digitised through the Evidos platform — with great results, says Eustaach van Lent, an Information Provision and Student Administration Manager at ROC de Leijgraaf. ‘The system automatically monitors who has and hasn’t signed their agreements, and students who have not yet signed their agreements will receive automated reminders. This has the obvious advantage of people no longer having to do this, meaning they needn’t spend so much time on administrative tasks. After all, students tend to reply to emails faster than to snail mail.’

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The benefits at a glance

Electronic signing in education: Evidos has the solution.

Are you still having your students sign hard copies of your education contracts? If so, it is time to switch to electronic signatures through the Evidos platform.

Documents: Employment contracts, work placement contracts, education contracts and practical apprenticeship contracts.

  • Your entire sales or rental process 100% digital
  • Digital signing wherever and whenever you want
  • Know with certainty who is signing your agreements
  • Easy integration with your business application
  • 100% safe and legal

Solutions for your industry

Electronic signature

If you wish to start using a basic service allowing you to have your education contracts signed by email or through a website at once, we recommend using Signhost.

Electronic identification

Electronic identification of students. Have your students provide proof of their identity on the basis of locally available electronic identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to electronically authenticate education contracts, meaning your students will automatically receive all their documents in electronic format.

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