Digital signing of financial agreements

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In the financial industry it is important that you know exactly who you are doing business with. Good protection against fraud is crucial for this industry. At the same time, customers want signing contracts to be quick and easy. Preferably digital to avoid paperwork. In addition to digital signing, the Evidos platform offers an extensive choice of digital identification methods. Think of iDIN, iDEAL and DigiD. As a financial organization you can do business on the internet quickly, safely and 100% legally.

You are in good company

Our solution for BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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'For us, the transition to Evidos means that we digitally implement the principle of 'know your customer', which is well known within the financial sector.

- Bram Verheijen
(product and market manager BNP Paribas Personal Finance Netherlands)

Because of the principle of 'know your customer', financial institutions must know their customers through and through. 'You must be able to determine with certainty who is facing you and with which account number a loan is taken out,' says Bram Verheijen, product and market manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance Netherlands. BNP Paribas Personal Finance has its personal loans digitally signed with iDIN via the Evidos platform. This gives a razor-sharp picture of their customers. Verheijen: 'Because we know for sure who we are doing business with, we can combat fraud. We work closely with Evidos to further optimize the customer journey.'

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Some immediate benefits

Digitally sign financial agreements with Evidos:

Are your insurance contracts still signed on paper? It’s time to make efficiency gains with digital signing via the Evidos weight of evidence platform.

Commonly used document types: Credit Agreements, Lease Agreements, Annual Reports, Minutes, Letters of Agreement, Authorizations, Policies.

  • Qualified digital signature. The highest safety guarantee.
  • User-friendly: no password or card readers required.
  • Wide application possibilities in different sectors.
  • International (active in Belgium, the Netherlands and soon Luxembourg).
  • Secure (ISO 27001-certified) and transparent.
  • Recognized by Europe as an official identifier (eIDAS-LoA High, eIDAS-QTSP).
  • Smooth digitization of paper flows.

The solutions for financial services

Electronic signature

With Signhost you can immediately get started with digitally signing your insurance agreements. Digital signing can be done by e-mail or directly via a form on your website.

Electronic identification

The Electronic identification of (new) customers can be done via the Evidos platform. Of course you want to know for sure who your customer is. We determine this on the basis of locally available digital identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to digitally certify agreements, meaning the children’s parents will immediately receive all their documents in electronic format.

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