ABN AMRO customers sign qualified via app

Co -innovation with Evidos and ZealiD

The electronic signature as a replacement for the ‘wet signature’ is on the rise. The digital scribble therefore offers many advantages. It is no longer necessary forthe customer to ‘drop by’ to sign a document.

ABN AMRO already used the AES with iDIN within the Netherlands for, among other things, credit, mortgage and lease agreements with the Evidos signing solution. The Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) can offer a high degree of reliability with additional identifiers, such as iDIN. However, the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) offers the highest degree of reliability. The QES has been equated with the “ wet” signature in European law and provides indisputable proof of who signed what and when. In addition, the QES immediately provides the same highest level for the whole of Europe (and beyond).

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