Digital signing
of government contracts

Fast, simple and legally valid

Digital signing via the Evidos platform simplifies and speeds up the administrative process of government services, ranging from license applications to changes in the trade register. With this, Evidos is in line with the government’s objective to be able to handle all its services digitally from 2018 onwards. Digital signing is also possible via mobile phone and tablet. As a result, citizens and entrepreneurs can also use government services in the evenings and at weekends. Easy, fast and internationally legal.

You are in good company

Our solution for the Chamber of Commerce

ewoud hiep

“We have been able to significantly reduce paper mail”

- Ewoud Hiep
(ICT program manager at the Chamber of Commerce)

To increase the convenience for customers, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) has digitized the signing of mutations so that they
can be submitted online. “This takes a lot of work off our hands and saves time,” says Ewoud Hiep, ICT program manager at KVK.

“Evidos not only has the technology to realize such a project, but is also very familiar with our market. In this way, the organization knows which policies, laws and regulations must be complied with, without us having to explain this.”

Read the full customer case here

Some immediate benefits

Digital signing for government institutions via the Evidos platform

Are your government documents still signed on paper? High time to sign digitally via the Evidos platform.

Document types such as: trade register changes, objections, agreements with companies and citizens, export documents, declarations.

  • Your complete flow of documents from start to archiving digitally
  • Speed and convenience for citizens & entrepreneurs (24/7 digital service)
  • Clear and legal identification of sender and signer
  • Easy to integrate with your business application
  • Safe & 100% legal

Solutions for your industry

Electronic signature

Easy to get started with a reliable service to have your government documents signed by email or on the website, Signhost is the ideal solution for you.

Electronic identification

Electronic identification of new clients. Know your customer’s identity on the basis of locally available electronic identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to digitally certify financial agreements, meaning your clients will immediately receive all their documents in electronic format.

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