Digitally signing healthcare agreements

Fast, simple and legally valid

More and more processes are also being digitized in the healthcare sector. However, a lot is still signed on paper. This results in unnecessary handling and administration costs. The signing process of, for example, treatment agreements, care plans and framework agreements can easily be done digitally. No red tape that healthcare professionals spend hours a day on. Let your healthcare professionals spend their valuable time on actually providing care by signing digitally via the Evidos platform.

You are in good company

Our solution for Richting

Marc Aelberts

'The fastest way from sick to work: the written signature doesn't fit with that.'

- Marc Aelberts
(Managing Partner of Richting)

Direction aims to act as an occupational health service provider in the event of a report of illness and to offer assessment, guidance and treatment under one roof. This requires swift signing of the contracts that Richting concludes with employers, insurers and care providers. Marc Aelberts (Managing Partner of Direction): 'In the old world, a form is printed out and sent to the employee who then has to sign and return the document. That is no longer of this time and also does not fit with our business model, which is designed for the fastest route from sick to work.'

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The benefits at a glance

Digital signing via the Evidos platform: the benefits

Do you still have your agreements signed on paper? Time to switch to digital signing via the Evidos platform.

Documents: placement contracts, collection forms, amendment of agreements.

  • Efficient administration: save time and costs immediately
  • Speed ​​and convenience for your healthcare professionals
  • Digital signing of documents on computer, phone or tablet
  • Easy integration with your business application
  • 100% safe and legal

Solutions for your industry

Electronic signature

If you wish to start using a basic service allowing you to have your care contracts signed by email or through a website at once, we recommend using Signhost.

Electronic identification

Electronic identification of new clients. Know your customer’s identity on the basis of locally available electronic identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to electronically authenticate care contracts, meaning your clients will automatically receive all their documents in electronic format.

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