Digitally signing employment contracts to time registration

Fast, simple and legally valid

Speed ​​of action is extremely important in the human resource market. For example, if an employment contract is left unsigned in a bag for weeks, payment will not be made and employer and employee are confronted with unnecessary risks. From now on, have your employment contracts, payroll tax forms and other agreements digitally signed via the Evidos platform. This prevents a cumbersome process of printing, scanning and e-mailing. In addition, you never have to wait for the return of, for example, an employment contract or payroll tax form. This saves you and your employees a lot of work.

You are in good company

Our solution for Please Payroll

Hans van de ven

'Digital signing is the future and for us it is the way to optimize our services'

- Hans van de Ven
(Director Please Payroll)

Competitive premiums are putting increasing pressure on insurers' margins. That is why it is important that the administrative processing is as efficient as possible. Reason enough for TAF to fully digitize all administrative processes – such as completing a health declaration – via the Evidos platform. The lead time for taking out a new insurance policy has become considerably shorter as a result. Nicole Hollander (Managing Director TAF): “With the digital signature, we can speed up and simplify the hiring process of personnel enormously.“

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The benefits at a glance

Digital signing via the Evidos platform: the benefits

Do you still have your employment contracts signed on paper? Time to switch to digital signing via the Evidos platform.

Documents: employment contracts, payroll tax forms, time registration.

  • Signed employment contracts returned within minutes
  • Determine the identity of your worker with certainty
  • Real-time dashboard: direct insight into open transactions and signed documents
  • Easy integration with your business application
  • 100% safe and legal

Solutions for your industry

Electronic signature

With Signhost you can immediately get started with digitally signing your insurance agreements. Digital signing can be done by e-mail or directly via a form on your website.

Electronic identification

The Electronic identification of (new) customers can be done via the Evidos platform. Of course you want to know for sure who your customer is. We determine this on the basis of locally available digital identities.

Electronic authentication

The system also allows you to digitally certify agreements, meaning the children’s parents will immediately receive all their documents in electronic format.

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