Having insurance agreements and insurance policies signed electronically

Quick, easy and legally valid

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Having insurance agreements and insurance policies signed electronically

Quick, easy and legally valid

You are in good company

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Electronic signatures: convenient and 100% legally valid

One of the problems plaguing the insurance industry is slow paperwork. Having insurance agreements electronically signed makes things easier, expedites the record-keeping process and is 100% legally valid. In addition, your paper, handling and postage costs will be reduced. You will never have to wait again for someone to return a health declaration form, insurance agreement or internal employment contract to you by snail mail. Such documents can be signed electronically within a matter of minutes. By allowing your clients to sign documents electronically through the Evidos platform, you put a stop to the ‘print-scan-dispatch-and-wait’ problem once and for all.

Nicole Hollander

(Managing Director TAF)

nicole hollander
‘Electronic signatures are the way of the future. To us, they are the best way to optimise our services.’

Our solution for TAF

Insurance companies are increasingly seeing their profit margins reduced due to other companies’ offering competitive rates. For this reason, it is vital that administrative tasks be completed efficiently. For TAF, this was ample reason to digitise all of its administrative processes – such as the completion of health declaration forms – completely through the Evidos platform. As a result, the amount of time it takes clients to take out new insurance has been reduced considerably. Nicole Hollander (Managing Director, TAF) ‘Our internal handling expenses, printing expenses and postage expenses have decreased tremendously. Moreover, Evidos was able to demonstrate quite convincingly that electronic signatures are perfectly secure.’

All the advantages at a glance

The advantages of electronic signing via Evidos

Are you still having your clients sign hard copies of your insurance agreements? If so, it is time to switch to electronic signatures through the Evidos platform.

Documents: insurance policies and insurance agreements such as medical expense receipts, term life insurance documents, disability insurance documents, health declaration forms.