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Signing your documents on paper costs you time and money. Digital signing via the Evidos platform is the solution to immediately save money on printing, postal and administration costs. In addition, you will save tons of time. You will not receive your signed agreements within days or weeks, but within a few minutes!

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Our solution for Talent & Pro

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“Signing digitally saves a lot of time. Where we previously went through a process of approximately two weeks, signing a contract can now be completed in one day.”'

- Pepijn de Munnik
(HR advisor at Talent&Pro)

Talent & Pro helps young talent to get the most out of themselves and their career. It is a thriving organization with an increasing number of new employees. Signing the employment contracts of these new employees has always been a very inefficient process involving a lot of printing, scanning and mailing. Pepijn de Munnik: “Nowadays we have digitized the signing process via Evidos. With digital signing from Evidos, many unnecessary actions are prevented. Moreover, the whole process is a lot faster.

Employment contracts are automatically drawn up after the employee's approval. Digital signing saves Talent & Pro a lot of work and time. Not only for the HR department, but also for the other parties that are directly involved.”

In addition, we can monitor the process well from HR. You can compare this with a Track & Trace system. This allows us to see at a glance in which chain of the process there may be delays and we can intervene in time if necessary.”

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“With the GO package from Evidos, we were able to try out the digital signature at our leisure.”

Some immediate benefits

Real-time insight into all your transactions

With Evidos you have real-time online insight into all your open transactions and signed documents. Has the document already been viewed and how often? Who has already signed? So you never have to wonder where a document is.
Your customers will also receive automatic reminders so that you no longer have to call and email them yourself.

  • Save directly on paper, mail, administration and handling
  • Signed contract in 2 minutes, return
  • Real-time view of the status of your transactions
  • Easy and user-friendly for you and the signatory(s)
  • 100% legal and secure

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