The Evidos platform complies with all the requirements at the following three levels:

  1. Legal validity
  2. Security
  3. Our clients’ compliance with applicable laws and regulations

The Evidos electronic authentication platform satisfies the highest security standards, such as SOC and ISO 27001. Our identity verification and electronic signatures meet the requirements of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation.

Evidos Whitepaper on digital authentication

If you wish to learn more about the legal value of electronic signatures, please be sure to read our whitepaper entitled ‘Electronic Authentication’, which outlines the various types of electronic signatures and explains which type is best suited to your organization.

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Legal validity

Evidos is a trusted service provider offering a one-stop platform to guarantee the evidential value of your digital transactions. We support all types of electronic signatures defined under eIDAS regulation (Regulation (UE) Nº 910/2014), including advanced and qualified electronic signatures. We provide a wide range of signing methods to verify signer identities, including eIDAS compliant eID schemes.


Evidos is a market leader in the field of electronic signatures and electronic identification. It is absolutely crucial to us that the information stored on the Evidos electronic authentication platform is secure. Therefore, Evidos takes a proactive approach to keeping its systems secure, to protect its clients’ confidential information from unauthorised access and prevent it from being incorrect or unavailable when needed.

Identities are verified and documents are signed and authenticated through the Evidos platform in a highly reliable and secure manner. We guard the quality and reliability of our services 24/7. The security of our services satisfies the industry’s most stringent standards at every level. Furthermore, Evidos ensures that its procedures and processes are drawn up and designed in accordance with commonly accepted standards (good practices), such as ISO 27001 and COBIT. Thanks to our high-intensity security policy, Evidos can be relied upon when it comes to electronic authentication solutions.

Evidos has all the relevant accreditations and certifications required to be able to guarantee the very highest level of security. Read more about Evidos’ accreditations and certifications.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure 

Evidos has guidelines for reporting vulnerabilities, which helps us to protect our systems and clients. Should you discover any specific security issues, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can take immediate action.

Our clients’ compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Naturally, our clients must comply with applicable legislation, too. Some of these rules are sector-specific, while other, more general rules apply beyond a single sector. If you allow your clients to verify their identity and electronically sign documents through the Evidos platform, you are guaranteed to comply with all the relevant regulations.


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