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Login and identification with ID Connect

ID Connect makes it possible for your clients to easily and securely identify themselves and log in.

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Login with iDIN

From now on, your new clients can identify themselves entirely electronically with iDIN. This service uses the personal details registered at the client’s bank, eliminating the need to save a copy of their passport.

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Login with itsme

itsme® is a service for residents of Belgium. By using online identification through itsme®, your company can be sure of the identity of the person who would like to register with you or confirm a transaction. This can be done easily and securely in the itsme® app.

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Age verification (18+)

ID Connect is a 100% reliable way for you to verify the age of your clients, ensuring your compliance with the requirements of the Gambling Authority and other similar legislation.

Easy integration with every system

Evidos’ online identification system with ID Proof can be integrated with any process or system in which a document is generated. Clients are identified through an online portal or API online service linked to your own back-office system, without the need to install any additional software.

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