Log in directly from your own system with an e-ID: ID Connect

  • Login with e-IDs
  • Age verification (18+)
  • One-time full identification
  • No user names or passwords
  • Easy, secure and reliable
  • Easy to integrate with your process
digitaal identificeren

ID Connect: easy and secure identification and log in for your clients

ID Connect makes it possible for your clients to easily and securely identify themselves and log in. ID Connect can also be used as a reliable age verification tool (18+), ensuring your compliance with the requirements of the Netherlands Gambling Authority and other similar legislation. ID Connect uses electronic identities so that all your clients can identify themselves and log in without a user name and password.

ID Connect

Login and identification with ID Connect


Easy integration

ID Connect can easily be integrated with your own website or system. This gives your clients a secure and user-friendly login experience with the look and feel of your organisation.


Domestic and international use

Each country has its own e-IDs, so that clients can log in using a locally trusted resource. The Evidos platform is up to date, so new methods can be incorporated as soon as possible. This allows you to verify all your clients worldwide. Quick, reliable and 100% legally valid.


Login with iDIN

ID Connect supports iDIN as a login and identification method. iDIN allows all your clients with a Dutch bank account to quickly and securely identify themselves and log in using the login details for their own bank.

The possibilities with iDIN in ID Connect:

  1. Login
  2. Full identification (once only)
  3. Age verification (18+)

This is how it works:

  • The client chooses iDIN as the login and identification method on your website/environment.
  • The client selects his or her bank.
  • The client is taken to the bank’s iDIN screen and can log in or confirm his or her identity through the bank’s login method.
  • The client is confirmed for login, identification or age verification.

Login with itsme®

ID Connect allows you to use itsme® as a login method. itsme® is a service that allows all residents of Belgium to easily and securely log in using just one app and one code. No user names or passwords are needed.

The possibilities with itsme® in ID Connect:

  1. Login
  2. Full identification (once only)
  3. Age verification (18+)