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Entire process in our own branding



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Sample Code .NET, JAVA, PHP & Ruby on Rails


Simple API link and connection

The Evidos platform can be linked to your system in 3 ways via our API. Directly from your own website, via a simple link in your own email or SMS or via a signature or identification request that we send by email to your customer or new employee.

Connecting to our API is easy. All documentation to link is available online. We have sample code available in Java, .Net, PHP and Ruby.



Immediate insight into transactions and evidential value

All open transactions and signed documents can be viewed in our real-time dashboard. As a result, transactions are not lost, you have even more control over the processes and automatic reminders are sent to your customers. When a customer has viewed, signed or a signing request is about to expire, you will receive immediate feedback. Of course it is also possible to request the status of a certain transaction yourself.

Optimal flexibility & customization

The Evidos platform offers you optimum flexibility to integrate digital signing, digital identification and digital certification into your own application. With our API you have all possibilities in the field of digital signing and identity verification at your disposal. For example, you can have multiple documents digitally signed simultaneously by multiple signers and in multiple languages. You can use various verification methods such as SMS, iDIN, iDEAL and DigiD.

Evidos also gives you the option of fully adapting the signing process to your digital process and wishes. A signature request can be made to measure and in your house style.


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