Provide your document with a timestamp and electronic certification – Certify

Quick, easy and legally valid!

certification numérique

Record specific agreements or transactions with Certify

Evidos’ electronic authentication platform makes it easy to record particular agreements or transactions in an incontrovertible and honest manner. You can use Certify to provide such documents with a timestamp and electronic certification, which will allow you to prove at a later stage that a particular agreement was made or event took place. Electronic certification will help you realise cost savings in that you will no longer require a lot of paper, and is 100% compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

In what situations should you use electronic certification?

Electronic certification is typically used in transactions in which time and the transfer of title are crucial. Among other things, our clients use our certification service to authenticate electronic invoices, insurance policy documents, building plans and designs.

plusieurs méthodes d’identification
Proof of Existence

Certify a file or transaction to ensure that you have proof that it existed at a specific time.

Proof of Integrity

Monitor your data in real time so you can be sure it has not been tampered with.

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Proof of Ownership

Independent verification of records and audit trails.

signatures numériques
Proof of Receipt

Certify that a particular recipient has read your email at a specific time.


Easy integration with every system

Certify can be easily integrated with any process or system in which documents or transactions are generated. Timestamps and electronic certification are added through an online portal or API online service linked to your own back-office system. You do not have to install