ID Proof

Government ID / Passport selfie check

Electronic identification with passport authentication makes it possible to confirm a person’s identity using legal identity documents such as a passport, ID card or driving licence.
With this method, people who need to be identified are directed to a link, which has them use their mobile phone to take photos of the identity document and their own face.

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Don’t save data you’re not supposed to

With a copy of a passport, all data is saved, including the data that you are not supposed to take with you. With online identification from ID Proof you only save the personal data of customers that you need.

Think of a passport photo, citizen service number or date of birth. The data that you are not supposed to take with you will not be saved. As a result, you not only work more confidently and efficiently, but you also always comply with your safety obligation.

Identity verification with NFC

ID Proof allows you to immediately verify your new clients or employees based on locally available electronic identities, NFC chip reader or via a Passport/National ID card selfie check. For each transaction, you will receive an identification file with independent evidence, ensuring that you satisfy the requirements of your supervisory authorities.


Identity verification with OCR

Our unique OCR method is a web verification that scans and reads the MRZ–code from your passport, ID or residence permit. With the help of your camera, you can quickly and easily verify documents! Get reliable results and rest assured that your documents are secure with our OCR method.


Our solution works in any country

Each country has its own industry-specific regulations with regard to identity verification. Evidos offers you a platform that allows you to verify the identity of new clients all over the world, regardless of their industry. Quick, reliable and 100% legally valid.


Easy integration with every system

Evidos’ online identification system with ID Proof can be integrated with any process or system in which a document is generated. Clients are identified through an online portal or API online service linked to your own back-office system, without the need to install any additional software.

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