Electronic identification of new clients. Know your customer. 

Based on locally available electronic identities.

Electronic identification of new clients

     The Evidos platform allows you to verify the identity of your new employees or clients straight away, based on locally available electronic identities, so you will always know at once who you are dealing with and can offer your services immediately. No need for any hassle or unnecessary red tape, such as photocopying, printing and/or scanning passports. As a result, you will experience a higher conversion rate, realise cost savings and comply 100% with applicable legislation.

Discover the many things Evidos can do for you

Combine several identification methods (e.g. iDIN, iDEAL, DigiD and eHerkenning) to achieve the right level of electronic authentication

Up to date platform: New signing and identification methods will be directly integrated with the Evidos platform

A receipt every time someone is electronically identified, for the right level of electronic authentication

Combine electronic identification and                electronic signing of documents

Combine electronic and hard-copy identification

Use individual European countries’ identification and signing methods that comply with eIDAS legislation

Easy integration with every system

Evidos’ electronic identification system can be integrated with every process or system in which a document is generated. Clients are identified through an online portal or API online service linked to your own back-office system, without the need to install any additional software.

For domestic and international use

Each country has its own industry-specific regulations with regard to identity verification. Evidos offers you a platform that allows you to verify the identity of new clients all over the world, regardless of their industry. Quick, reliable and 100% legally valid.


Evidos’ electronic identification methods are omnichannel and quick and easy to use. Evidos allows you to verify new clients through your PC or laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or at a reception desk.


Legal validity and strength of the electronic authentication

When it comes to legal validity, Evidos’ electronic identification methods satisfy the most stringent international requirements. You will comply with all the requirements of the financial supervisory authorities and the government, and will always have the right level of electronic authentication. Since Evidos is an objective and neutral party, the Evidos electronic identification is 100% reliable for those clients to whom you forward the relevant information. You can also easily forward the identification data to third parties (tax authorities, accountants), should they need to inspect them.

Identification methods

We support several methods allowing you to identify your clients. It is up to you to decide which methods are important to you in authenticating the identification. Clients can be electronically identified by means of a passport scan, iDIN, DigiD, iDeal, itsme or eHerkenning.


Evidos uses a flexible pricing model. The fees charged for having your documents electronically signed through Evidos depend on your business model and specific requirements.


If you wish to learn more about what electronic signatures and electronic identification can do for your organisation, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.