Have all your documents signed electronically, with the right level of electronic authentication

Quick, easy and legally valid

So how does it work?

The Evidos platform allows you to have your documents electronically signed in a quick, easy and legally valid manner. Unnecessary copying, printing, scanning, faxing and mailing or dispatching can thus be avoided. Furthermore, you will not waste any valuable time waiting for a signature on a hardcopy contract. There are faster, cheaper and easier ways to go about these things.

Discover the many things Evidos can do for you

Combine several identification methods (e.g. iDIN, iDEAL, DigiD and eHerkenning) to achieve the right level of electronic authentication

Up-to-date platform: New signing and identification methods are directly integrated with the Evidos platform

A receipt for every electronic signature, ensuring the right level of electronic authentication

Combine electronic identification and electronic signing of documents

Combine electronic and hard-copy identification

Use individual European countries’ identification and signing methods that comply with eIDAS laws and regulations

Easy integration with every system

The Evidos electronic signature service can be integrated with every process or system in which a document is generated. Users can easily send requests to sign a document through their own document and quote management system or CRM system. Documents are electronically signed through an online portal or API online service linked to your own back-office system. The person signing the document will not have to install additional software to be able to sign the document.

Flexible workflow

Which signing process suits you depends on your target group, the risk level of the transaction and the desired workflow. Evidos allows its clients to adjust the signing process as they see fit, depending on the nature of their online process and their requirements. Requests to sign documents can be personalised and formatted in your own corporate identity.

Documents can be electronically signed through your own website or an email sent by your company. Just determine the number of signatories for each document and the signing order. Signatures can be collected by means of a single mouse click or a quick scrawl on any desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

For domestic and international use

In the Netherlands, Evidos provides electronic signing services through Signhost.com. Signhost.com can be used for cross-border transactions and supports six languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. Our international document-signing service Signhost.com and local websites such as Unterzeichnung.de (Germany), Sign.fr (France) and Firmare.it (Italy) allow you to arrange electronic signing of contracts with clients all over Europe. You can decide the location of the signature yourself by indicating in the document where you wish it to be signed.


Evidos’ electronic authentication platform is omnichannel and quick and easy to use, allowing your clients to sign documents wherever and whenever they please, remotely and on the spot. We guarantee that your transactions will be smooth, regardless of which device you use. Documents can be electronically signed on a PC or laptop, on a mobile phone or tablet, or at a reception desk.


We support several methods allowing you to verify a signatory’s identity. It is up to you to decide which methods are important to you in authenticating an electronic signature. Identities may be verified with an email, IP address, text message, iDeal and iDIN, as well as with third-party authentication methods, such as PKI, DigiD or eHerkenning.

Legal validity and strength of the electronic authentication

Evidos electronic signatures satisfy the most stringent international legal requirements. The signatures meet the requirements for advanced electronic signatures laid down in Section 3:15(a) of the Dutch Civil Code. In addition, Evidos ensures that the signatures you obtain from Ondertekenen.nl automatically have the right legal value.

For every document signed you will receive a receipt showing the audit trail of all the steps taken during the signing process. In addition, we sign documents using an independent timestamp.

Evidos’ Whitepaper on electronic authentication

If you wish to learn more about the legal value of electronic signatures, please be sure to order our whitepaper entitled ‘Electronic Authentication’, which outlines the various types of electronic signatures and explains which type is best suited to your organisation.

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Signing methods

Each country has its own signing methods. Please continue reading for more information on the methods used in your country.


Evidos uses a flexible pricing model. The fees charged for having your documents electronically signed through Evidos depend on your business model and on your specific requirements.