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Advanced Electronic Signature

With an AES you link the identity of the signer to the signature. This can be done, for example, with additional identity verification with locally available eIDs. You will also receive a transaction receipt with an audit trail of the entire process.

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Qualified Electronic Signature

The QES is the signature with the highest confidence level according to eIDAS. This is legally equivalent to a written signature. Let signers sign with a personal certificate via an app on their phone.

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Choose the verification method you need

Highest form of evidence

To grant the highest form of evidence, we support several methods allowing you to verify a signatory’s identity. It is up to you to decide which methods are important to you in authenticating an electronic signature.

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Receive your digitally signed agreement within two minutes

Evidos allows you to have your documents electronically signed in a quick, easy and legally valid manner. Unnecessary printing, scanning, faxing and mailing or dispatching can thus be avoided. You will not waste any valuable time waiting for a signature on a hard-copy contract.

API integrated in your own application

The Evidos platform can be linked to your system in 3 ways via our API. Directly from your own website, via a simple link in your own email or SMS or via a signature or identification request that we send by email to your customer or new employee.

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Checklist: Is an e-signature legally valid?

“Is an e-signature legally binding?” is a question that can cause confusion, especially when you look at the results of recent lawsuits.
We explain everything you need to know.

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What is an electronic signature + example (and what it is not)

Electronic signing has many advantages over handwritten signatures. Here are some reasons to choose an electronic signature system for your business:

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