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electronic signatures

How do electronic signatures work with Signhost?

Signhost allows you to have your documents electronically signed in a quick, easy and legally valid manner. Unnecessary printing, scanning, faxing and mailing or dispatching can thus be avoided. Furthermore, you will not waste any valuable time waiting for a signature on a hard-copy contract. There are faster, cheaper and easier ways to go about these things.


The many possibilities of electronic signatures via Signhost

multiple identification methods

Combine several identification methods (e.g. DigiD, iDIN, eHerkenning and iDEAL) to achieve the right level of electronic authentication for your transaction.

up-to-date platform

Up-to-date platform: Evidos integrates new signing and identification methods with the platform straight away. We are always up to date

transaction receipt

Receive a transaction receipt showing the audit trail for each transaction. This gives you the right level of electronic authentication

electronic signatures

Combine electronic identification and electronic signing of documents

electronic and hard-copy identification

Combine electronic and hard-copy identification of new and existing clients