Work more efficiently with the Evidos Google Add-on

Digital signing offers many advantages. With the Evidos Google Add-on you can have your documents electronically signed quickly, easily and legally, directly from Google Workspace.

You can prepare and send documents for signature directly in Google Docs or Gmail, the programs you already work with. So without the need to first download documents as PDFs and upload them in the Evidos portal.

And not only that: the add-on also offers users additional options. Consider creating an ‘address book’. Do you regularly ask a contact person for a signature? Then you can save this contact in the add-on as a ‘Favourite’.

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Work more efficiently

The add-on makes a trip to the Evidos portal superfluous. You can all draw up a document and send it for signature within your familiar Google environment. Switching between apps is not necessary. This makes the signing process a lot faster and more efficient.

More possibilities

The add-on is free for Evidos customers to use and offers unique features that are not included in the Evidos portal. The possibility to create an address book with ‘favorite contacts’ is a good example of this. Evidos is also continuously expanding the possibilities.

Proven, safe and trusted

With the add-on you also use the proven, safe and trusted platform of Evidos. This means that the placed signature simply meets the requirements for the digital signature. And in the Evidos portal you simply receive a transaction receipt as proof of a legally valid transaction. As customers are used to from Evidos.

This is how the Google add-on works

Suppose you received a user agreement in Gmail or drafted in Google Docs, and two people need to sign this agreement. The first step is to install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can then open the add-on via the App Launcher, the ‘side pane’ found in Google Docs and Gmail.

After opening the add-on you indicate who in this case are ‘signer 1’ and ‘signer 2’, possibly by selecting a contact person from the address book. You then indicate with which means of identification and how quickly they must sign the agreement. You can also select the language for the mail that is sent to the signers. And all without leaving Google Docs.

The recipient of the request to sign can open, view and sign the agreement in the Evidos portal. If you want to sign an incoming PDF yourself from Gmail, you can do so in Gmail and send it directly back to the sender without leaving Gmail.

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