How can I save costs?

Which type of costs savings are there?

  • Paper and ink
  • Processing
  • Administration
  • Cloud
  • Post

The average costs for sending and signing a paper document are around three Euros, with a digital signature this can be up to four times cheaper. The use of a digital signing pays for itself within a few months.

Paper and ink

The digital signature makes it unnecessary to print documents in order to sign them with a normal paper signature. Therefore, the costs associated with the usage of paper and ink can be greatly reduced.


Signing documents is much easier and time-saving thanks to a digital signature. There is no need to scan, print, and send documents by post/email; with a few clicks, a document can be sent digitally and legally signed.


No unnecessary storage costs of thick packages of paper or time loss due to searching. By digitally signing documents, they can be stored centrally and are easily searchable. Typing (errors) in the back office is also a thing of the past.


With the help of digital signing, companies can safely store their documents. All documents can be stored in the cloud, making them easily accessible to employees. This can save costs because companies do not have to pay for storing and keeping of paper documents.


When sending a paper document by post, you are already paying 1.19 Euro for the stamp alone. Add the costs of the above mentioned types of cost and you end up paying around three Euros for sending and signing a paper document.

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