iDIN: login, identification and electronic signatures

  • No copies of passports or ID cards needed
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Certainty about the identity of your client
  • Protection against fraud
  • Age verification

The possibilities of iDIN

multiple identification methods

Secure login

Your clients can easily and securely log in with iDIN. With this service, clients no longer need a user name and password.


Electronic identification

From now on, your new clients can identify themselves entirely electronically with iDIN. This service uses the personal details registered at the client’s bank, eliminating the need to save a copy of their passport.

electronic signatures

Have documents signed electronically

Having agreements signed electronically through iDIN not only improves the level of authentication, it also eliminates the need for additional requirements in your identity confirmation process.

electronic signatures

Age verification with iDIN

iDIN allows you to verify a customer’s exact age, since the relevant bank has this information on file. This way, you always have electronic authentication of the customer’s age.