itsme®: login, identification and electronic signatures

  • No copies of passports or ID cards needed
  • No more user names, passwords or card readers
  • Certainty about the identity of your client
  • All features contained in a single app with a single code
  • Prevent fraud and errors

The possibilities of itsme®

multiple identification methods

Secure login

Your clients no longer need user names, passwords or card readers when logging in. They can log in securely with itsme®. One app, one code, no hassle.


Electronic identification

By using online identification with itsme®, your company can be sure of the identity of the person who would like to register with you or confirm a transaction. This can be done easily and securely in the app.

electronic signatures

itsme® Confirm

With itsme® Confirm, your clients can confirm their transactions with an advanced electronic signature by signing via the app. This service can also be combined with other Evidos identification methods.

electronic signatures

itsme® Sign

itsme® Sign allows your clients to sign transactions electronically with a qualified electronic signature. This type of electronic signature has the highest security guarantee.