Link –, the name says it all, brings together the right company data, structures it and makes it accessible. transforms data into comprehensive and reliable information, with news and predictive insights about companies and their directors. Evidos has been working with since 2018, which has resulted in an integrated UBO check within the digital signing process of


What does the link with do?

To determine whether a new customer may be accepted, it is important to have a reliable picture of the organization before proceeding to signing a document. With’s UBO check, authorized signers can easily be traced and an organization knows immediately whether business may be conducted.

The digital signature of can be integrated with any process or system in which a document is generated. Users can easily send a signature request from their own document, quote or CRM system. The digital signature is placed via a web portal or an API web service linked to your own back office system. The signer does not need to install any additional software to sign the documents.

  • Easier insight into the authorized signatory(s) behind an organization
  • Mapping all risks of person and company
  • Easier compliance with the Wft and Wwft
  • Significant time savings

Frans Kloosterman
(Business Developer Famed)


Our solution for Famed

“The old customer acceptance process had been around for 30 years and was based on old assumptions and handwork. This process took so much time. Account managers visited their customers with questionnaires and contracts and had to be physically present at the signing of the stakeholder. This process took an average of 57 days. Thanks to Famed ‘s new customer acceptance process, customers now receive a quote within 2 minutes, which they can discuss directly with their account manager. Our customers like that.”

Download here the complete customer case

“Stakeholders had to put an average of 68 signatures, now only 3 and they are digital too.”

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