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DocWolves supports companies in the entire decision-making process. How do you make a good decision? Much depends on your definition of good.

The following aspects play a major role in the DocWolves process

  • You want to make decisions based on correct information.
  • You want to involve the right people in this, both in preparation, decision-making and implementation of the decision.
  • Once decisions have been made, you want to record and monitor them.
  • The content of decisions must be communicated internally and/or externally.
  • In many cases you also have to be accountable for it.

DocWolves supports the entire decision-making process. Safe, digital, user-friendly and reliable. DocWolves operates in the public market with its comprehensive decision-making solution, as well as in the private market with the OurMeeting meeting solution.

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What does the link between DocWolves and Evidos do?

A link between the solutions from DocWolves and Evidos ensures that your work process can take place smoothly and safely. DocWolves ensures that there are seamless links at the relevant places in the decision-making process between, for example, digital drawing of Evidos and the agenda module of both Parlaeus and OurMeeting. This ensures a pleasant user experience, where the start of the process takes place at the place in the process, where the user needs it, and the storage of the signed document (with possibly attached certificate) is done where it is expected to be returned later. to find. Safe, digital, user-friendly and reliable.


Hans Rijs

(Registrar of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk Municipality)

“Until recently, we had to print, sign, scan and upload every piece. We now save that manual blow.”

According to Rijs, being able to exchange data in real time is one of the main reasons for the success of the ever-increasing digital transformation. Data is the fuel for innovation and digital transformation, the major advantage is decisiveness and the associated time savings, which leads to less chance of errors,” says Registrar Hans Rijs.

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