About Lesterius

Lesterius builds custom digital applications to streamline complex business processes. Their solutions are based on Claris FileMaker, a development platform for small and medium businesses. Lesterius develops these applications for almost every industry or market segment. Whether it concerns CRM, project management, order management, inspection tools, collection management, building management, a brokerage system or stock management, Lesterius can turn any problem into a digital solution. With offices in 9 European countries, they are a true international player.

Some immediate benefits

Digitally identify and sign with Lesterius and Evidos

Lesterius can build custom solutions that use Evidos technology for identification and/or signing. For example, Lesterius builds a seamless integration between Claris FileMaker andSign.nl for the legally valid signing of (employment) contracts, service agreements, orders, etc.
Integrations are also possible for digital identification. And because Evidos and Lesterius offer the solutions in multiple languages, also very interesting for internationally oriented users.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Customized solution
  • Seamless integration between Evidos (Signing.nl) and FileMaker

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