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Freepack Software, the complete formula for the flex market. A front and back office in one system where all data from the front (recruitment) and back (back office) is linked. Working with an integrated system also leads to less wastage (time and therefore money) for the employment agency and it provides more useful information.

Because the recruitment is linked to the back of the system, information about the collective labor agreement and wages, pro forma calculation, is immediately available during the selection. In addition, Freepack is the only one to offer a reliably designed ET scheme in the software, as well as a completely integrated accounting package and hours portal.


What does the link with Freepack do?

The newest module of Freepack is the digital signature, as a result of a collaboration with Evidos. This collaboration makes it possible to provide documents that are presented directly to temporary workers and clients for signature with a legally valid digital signature. The credits required for putting a digital signature must be purchased directly from Evidos. One credit represents a signing request with 2 digital signatures.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and Freepack
  • Good for the environment

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