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G-workplace has been a partner of Google for over 10 years. Both in the field of Google Workspace and Google Cloud. The passion of G-workplace is to make organizations work more efficiently and dynamically with Google Workspace. With a lot of experience and in-house developed solutions for the Google Workspace environment, G-workplace puts this vision into practice at companies worldwide. From providing licenses, implementations, migrations and adoption programs to the development of business applications that seamlessly connect to the Google Workspace environment.

In addition, G-workplace stimulates innovation with smart analysis solutions that the Google Cloud offers. Through its fully managed, multi-cloud analytics platform, G-workplace enables organizations to gain insights while eliminating the constraints of scale, performance and cost. By using real-time insights and data apps, making data-driven decisions and innovation is stimulated.


Some immediate benefits

Google Workspace (digitale kantooromgeving)

  • Licenses
  • Setting up Google Workspace environment
  • Migration and adoption
  • Support
  • Development on top of the Workspace environment for process optimization.
Google Cloud
Google Cloud Platform

  • Application Development
  • Smart Analytics
  • Gain insight into your data to stimulate data-driven working and innovation

Link Evidos – G-workplace

G-workplace and Evidos are working together to enable digital signing within the Google office environment in a safe and accessible way via a so-called Add-on. A logical collaboration looking at the expertise of both organizations. The Add-on can be downloaded for free on the Google Marketplace. G-workplace and Evidos will continue to jointly develop the Add-on. As a result, this partner collaboration ensures that organizations are helped with their issues regarding digital signing and Google Workspace.

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