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HomeDNA was conceived from more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the real estate sector and the idea that contact with the customer and cooperation between all parties involved should be easier and more efficient in the digital age. Over time, the possibilities for online software have expanded considerably and HomeDNA grows with it. The link with makes it possible to provide more and less work forms with a legally valid digital signature.


Some immediate benefits

Digital signing within HomeDNA’s buyer guidance module

Most new construction projects offer a high degree of freedom of choice. In many projects, in addition to extensive finishing options, there are also choices in the field of structural work, such as an extension, roof terrace or dormer window. More and more often, considerable amounts are involved in the additional and less work and these are therefore increasingly co-financed when purchasing a home.

With the online housing file in the Buyer guidance module, buyers can order more – and less work in the web store in peace. Buyers go through a careful ordering process. The entire ordering process can be done digitally, whether or not supplemented with personal consultations and showroom visits. Previously, only placing the signature on the final order list itself had to be done manually. Due to the integration with, a safe and legally valid function has been built in to enable digital signing of the final order list.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and HomeDNA
  • Good for the environment

Verification and ompletion

With, Evidos, market leader in the field of digital identity and signature, uses a safe and user-friendly method for signing PDF files. The ordering process within the buyer guidance module remains unchanged. When all order rules are final, the buyer supervisor can send the request for signing the order confirmation to the buyer with one push of a button. The function for adding products or changing status is therefore no longer active. The verification takes place, among other things, via the buyer’s mobile phone.

On all devices

Digital signing can be done via desktop computer, i.e. PC and laptop, as well as via mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablet. It is advised to let customers use the desktop as much as possible, as it is the most user-friendly for this. We see digital signing during the ordering process for additional and less work as an important addition to the Buyer Guidance module. By the way, this feature is optional; companies that prefer to work with paper signatures can continue to do so.

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