itsme® Sign

Evidos has integrated itsme® into its digital signing service.

By linking itsme® Sign as a verification method to a signing request, you can place a qualified electronic signature on a document. This means a legally binding signature completely digital with the highest security guarantee.


What is itsme®?

itsme® is an identity app with many possibilities. The correct data with an online registration, a secure login, an approved transaction or a signed document in the blink of an eye.

With one app and one five-digit code, itsme® is very user-friendly. It is unique in its kind because it combines different services in many different sectors. itsme® is not limited to identification with government/s or banks. A digital identity that is easy to use and of which the highest security is guaranteed.

In 2017, Belgium was introduced to the itsme® identity app. Just over 4 years after its launch, itsme® has reached the 5 million users mark in Belgium. Since 2021, itsme® is also available for all Dutch citizens with a digital eID or passport.

Some advantages of itsme® at a glance

  • Qualified digital signature. The highest safety guarantee.
  • User-friendly: no password or card readers required.
  • Wide application possibilities in different sectors.
  • International (active in Belgium, the Netherlands and soon Luxembourg).
  • Secure (ISO 27001-certified) and transparent.
  • Recognized by Europe as an official identifier (eIDAS-LoA High, eIDAS-QTSP).
  • Smooth digitization of paper flows.

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