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JuriBlox is the cloud platform for legal tech applications. JuriBlox is convinced that legal processes can be set up more intuitively and efficiently. With that conviction, the organization has developed the legal tech platform. The JuriBlox platform solves various problems, but above all ensures that both lawyers and non-lawyers can keep the necessary legal documents and processes in order.

The motivation of JuriBlox: tackling documents and processes more efficiently with innovative technology.

De drijfveer van JuriBlox: documenten en processen efficiënter aanpakken met innovatieve technologie.

  • Creates practical legal solutions.
  • By people with technical and legal backgrounds.
  • Has years of legal experience.
  • Has years of legal experience.
  • Suitable for medium and large enterprises.
  • ISO27001 certified.


What is a contract without a signature worth? A contract and a (digital) signature are inextricably linked. That is why Evidos’ services are an important part of the JuriBlox platform. By seamlessly integrating the signing options, every JuriBlox user will be able to start a signing request immediately after drafting a document.

Drawing up and signing contracts is no longer a lengthy and laborious process!

By using JuriBlox’s platform, you can:

  • Automatically draw up contracts without risk.
  • Collaborate in real time in the same document to negotiate efficiently.
  • Automatically
  • Digitally sign every document.

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