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A digitally legally valid signature with certificate on every file without the signatory having to install software and directly in the AFAS file. User-friendly, fast & no need to login!


What is the difference with AFAS digital agreement (UP3)?

The big difference lies in requesting the agreement. With our link it is not necessary to log in to InSite or OutSite of AFAS. The signing request is sent via email and via a direct personal link the signer goes directly to the document without having to log in.


How does it work?

  • Via InSite a dossier item is started, a document is generated or a PDF is linked and signatories are selected.
  • Immediately upon submitting the dossier item (standard AFAS InSite), the document and the details of the signatories are sent to Evidos (
    Before the document is sent to, it will be converted to a PDF file if it is not yet a PDF.
  • is presented with the document (the PDF) and generates an email message which is sent to the signer. Simultaneously or in order of entry.
  • The signatories receive a personal link in their e-mail that they send directly to the digital document without logging in.
  • After consulting the document, the signatories can agree to this with a ‘scribble’ and/or SMS confirmation.
  • An approved document, after it has been signed by all signatories, is sent to the AFAS file, accompanied by all legally valid conditions.
  • All steps can be monitored via responses to the file item in AFAS.
  • The workflow itself can then be set up completely freely.

maleWouter Smeets
(Manager Business
Services at Talent & Pro)

‘Signing a contract now can be completed in one day’

Our solution for Talent & Pro

“Nowadays it is possible to digitize the signing process. For this we work together with Evidos, market leader in solutions for electronic signature and digital identity, and the brain behind Digital signing prevents unnecessary actions, such as printing, scanning, faxing, retyping data and sending mail. The additional advantage is that the whole process is a lot faster. Employment contracts are automatically drawn up after the employee’s approval. ”

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