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Effytool brings everything needed to work smart, efficiently and pleasantly together in an online organization platform. Data, documents, processes, useful tools and more are bundled in one central place in a user-friendly and intelligent dashboard. Business processes are streamlined and automated as much as possible.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with Effytool provide?

By collaborating with Evidos, Effytool’s customers can have documents signed digitally in their business processes and, moreover, shield them. Effytool enables you to assign roles and rights to employees, based on which they may or may not see certain content. When signing confidential documents, such as an employment contract, the visibility of data can be checked.

  • Digital signing is available for every document to be signed in the organization.
  • By combining it with a work process, digital signing is faster, easier and more efficient.
  • A document can be automatically forwarded, submitted for signature and saved.
  • By linking to other systems, you can monitor the signing progress.

Customer case Lamberink Brokers & Advisers

With 80 employees, 14 branches and 5 different disciplines, Lamberink is a complex organization. Effytool is used to create more unity and structure. All commercial and administrative processes are recorded in the platform. Employees use Effytool, among other things, to share and sign documents faster and easier, which has improved internal communication and collaboration with external parties.

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