Link Evidos – is an online platform that automatically compiles rental files. In other words, it is a quality system for selecting the best tenant in the shortest time. 80% of the compilation is done by the system and the tenant. Can be used free of charge for landlords of housing. Landlords include property owners, managers and intermediaries.

verhuurt-beter believes that good tenants make a neighborhood better. And everyone benefits from that. Traditionally, compiling a rental file takes a lot of time. Because has automated this process, a landlord is relieved of the administrative tasks that come with the work. For almost 80% of course. All rental files are centralized in the platform and it is easy to communicate with tenants. Uniform rental files that are easy to assess by lessors of housin.

The combination of an extensive questionnaire and handy tools in the system excludes malicious tenants. A tenant can be verified by performing a credit and an iDIN check. Landlords can get started right away, without a contract or subscription. The quality system can be easily integrated with all platforms.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with do?

The link with the Evidos platform makes it possible to verify the tenant’s identity using iDIN, a service provided by banks with which consumers can identify themselves at other organizations with the bank’s secure and trusted login means. As a result, landlords can establish with certainty that the person in question is who he or she claims to be.

  • Seamless integration with the Evidos platform
  • Identification using iDIN
  • Reduction of administrative tasks landlord

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