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Blanco Services Services develops and supplies fintech solutions that save money and time. The human factor also continues to play an important role in their solutions. After all, technology should not take matters into its own hands. Blanco’s software is therefore completely white-labeled. With its fintech solutions, Blanco is specifically aimed at financial services and has devised a KYC (Know Your Customer) solution for this sector. Within this solution, the digital signature of Evidos is linked, so that customers can generate contracts themselves and have them signed.


Some immediate benefits

What does the link with Blanco Services do?

Blanco has integrated the digital signature of Evidos into the KYC platform, which makes it possible for customers in the financial world to generate contracts themselves and then sign them via an e-identity, such as: iDIN, SMS, iDEAL or ITSME. The link ensures seamless integration of both systems, without having to make a trip. This creates trust with the end user.

Blanco has also integrated digital signing within the ‘Client Onboarding’ module for the Banking platform. Here too, end users can provide contracts with a digital signature via an e-identity. Fast, safe and legally valid.

  •  Fast and legally valid
  •  Significant cost savings
  •   Seamless integration between and Blanco
  • Ultimate User Experience

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