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Davinci innovates financial services by optimizing processes. The Close Suite is an advanced mid and back office solution that ensures that various types of credit and mortgage types are digitally processed from the moment of application to (special) contract management. With the use of the Close Suite it is possible to automate the entire credit process 24/7.

Close Origination is the module within the Close Suite that provides the assessment and acceptance process of consumer and mortgage loans for various lenders. It is a banking SaaS solution, the process of which can be set up in various ways, depending on the wishes of the lender.

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What does the link with Davinci do?

Important parts of the acceptance process are the customer onboarding, with the identification of the contractor(s) and the signing of the agreements. This can be done in the traditional way, whereby the signature is done with a ‘wet signature’. Davinci has chosen to integrate the digital signature of Evidos in the Close platform, allowing users to enable their consumers to identify themselves easily via an e-identity and also to digitally sign the agreements in this way. Simple, fast and secure, through an iDIN and/or iDEAL transaction.

The seamless integration between the Close Suite and Evidos ensures a user-friendly customer journey for the end users and a fast and reliable identification and signing process for the lenders who use it. It also reduces fraud risks through derived identification and integral name-number control.

  • Automated credit process
  • Fast and legally valid
  • Simple, safe and effective
  • Seamless integration Evidos and Davinci

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