FuneralView funeral software now even smarter by integrating

In addition to business software for SMEs, Arch IT also provides a complete solution for the funeral industry. In 2020 Arch IT realized the integration with for its funeral software FuneralView. In this online (cloud) program, among other things, the deceased, the contacts, the funeral and budgets can be drawn up. The invoicing of a funeral is also drawn up in this program. For some documents from the software, digitally signing the documents is a must. This applies to the personal registration and policy administration that is linked to FuneralView. The process of taking out a policy is therefore also completed with a digital signature.

What does the integration with do in FuneralView

In FuneralView, all documents that are requested and printed are automatically stored in the system. Users can choose to have a document signed. They have two choices. Either they sign directly on a touchscreen, or the family (customer) receives an email with a link to In all cases, the signed document and the proof of transaction are also stored in the FuneralView application. After signing, the user of FuneralView automatically returns to the file data of the relevant family. A funeral director always has all information about a death online at his or her disposal.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and FuneralView
  • Fast turnaround time

“In a short time – roughly a week – a lot has to happen around the death of a person. Paperwork may be the least you worry about, luckily this can now all be done digitally!”

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