Het Wonen specializes in optimizing sales and rental processes in real estate.

Het Wonen specializes in optimizing sales and rental processes in real estate.

Het Wonen mainly focuses on the commercial parts of a housing association. “This means the sale of homes, the rental of more expensive rental homes and the sale and rental of real estate for companies,” explains director Pascal.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with Het Wonen do?

The aforementioned Corpoflow is a cloud service that automates the entire process of creating a purchase agreement. A purchase agreement is generated using the input of all (also external) parties involved, such as architectural consultants or appraisers. These stakeholders have provided input to the system from the start of the process. The purchase agreement can then be digitally signed by the authorized signatory of the corporation. This digital signing is done using the Evidos signing platform (see Ondertekenen.nl), with which a link has been established.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between Ondertekenen.nl and Corpoflow
  • Digital signing of rental and purchase agreements

How does the signing process work in practice?

  • As soon as a housing association employee has sold a home, a purchase agreement is generated at the touch of a button.
  • That agreement goes directly or indirectly to the responsible director, who receives a request for digital signature via his e-mail box.
  • To do this, the director logs in to Corpoflow, after which he immediately receives a notification which agreement is ready for signing.
  • He then receives an overview of details, such as: the appraised value, the price for which the house was sold, the relationship between appraised value and selling price, details that have been agreed with the buyer, et cetera.
  • If the relevant driver agrees to the sale, he then clicks on sign, after which he will receive a six-digit code on his mobile by SMS. If he fills this in correctly, then the digital signature is a fact.

Digital sign use case at Corpoflow van Het Wonen

Digitally signing purchase agreements saves housing associations a great deal of time. In the past, such an agreement was emailed, printed, placed on a desk, eventually signed, scanned and returned. Very cumbersome, as it turns out once again now that digital drawing is really a reality in practice. But moreover: “It’s even safer too”, says director Pascal Kamphuis of Het Wonen.

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