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Immense is specialized in formulating and realizing online objectives for customers

On a daily basis, Immense analyzes, optimizes and advises its customers about the digital process. Customers are included in the onboarding process in a clear and efficient manner.


What does the link with Immense do?

Immense regularly develops tailor-made onboarding tools with which clients of clients are included in the onboarding process in a clear and efficient manner. For example, Immense, in collaboration with other partners, has digitized the process for customers of Famed, a financial service provider in healthcare. In addition to an online registration form, price calculations and a customized quote, the tool also includes a digital factoring agreement. This can be signed with the integrated link of the signing platform of Evidos.

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Read the customer case of Famed here

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and Immense
  • Digitized onboarding process for Famed

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