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Software developer Seneca helps its customers to support and accelerate work processes by making the correct, current and relevant information available.

Online, from the desk and the KCC. The software is modular, flexible and makes use of relevant links with commonly used applications. This also applies to the link with Seneca’s products can be found everywhere, in business and in the non-profit sector. Within this, Seneca is strongly represented at municipalities, housing associations and healthcare institutions.

Some immediate benefits

What does the Mercash – link do?

The link with makes it possible to provide all online documents with a digital signature from the Mercash software. If all document processes take place online, it is of course very important that the signing is also done digitally. The signed documents are then included in the online employee file.

When the HR department prepares a document, for example an employment contract, a request is automatically made to the manager or director to digitally approve it. With a link, he simply opens the contract and signs it on the PC, tablet or smartphone.

You can put a signature (draw) with the mouse, your finger or a stylus. After approval by the signatory, the employee will receive an e-mail containing a link that leads to the contract. The contract opens in the secure environment of Signhost, the system behind Here the employee can consult and sign the contract.

The signed contract is then automatically forwarded to the HR department for a final check. Digital signing saves a lot of work. Not only for the HR department, but also for the other parties directly involved. The whole process takes a lot less time. On average, such a process takes approximately two weeks. With digital signing, the process can be completed in one day. An additional advantage is that the HR department can continue to monitor and monitor the process.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and Mercash
  • Good for the environment

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