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NowOnline focuses on creating targeted websites and powerful applications. The software company helps customers take full advantage of what the Internet has to offer. NowOnline makes it possible for companies to achieve online success. By working on the strategy, the concept and design, the realization, the content, the development and the go-live, a solution for online success is created. In addition, NowOnline works together with various partners such as Evidos to discover new ways and improve the quality of processes and products.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with NowOnline do?

NowOnline has developed a product called NowOnline Signing App (NOS), an application with which you can digitally sign. The application is linked to the FlexPortal and EasyFlex software, so that the signed contracts are uploaded directly to the relevant employee. For example, contracts created in EasyFlex are sent out for signature. These are then sent to Flexportal. From there, the NOS application is started on an iPad and the contracts and other documents can be read. If the document is approved, it can be signed via NOS-Pro. This is the certified signature via from Evidos. The signed contract is automatically returned to EasyFlex and placed under the correct employee in EasyFlex. Finally, in collaboration with the FlexPortal and EasyFlex software, the application also ensures correct document signalling. That way you always know which documents still need to be signed. You can easily start this via the NowOnline Signing App, the perfect way to sign documents and contracts.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and NowOnline
  • Improvement of processes and products

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