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Software developer Seneca helps its customers to support and accelerate work processes by making the correct, current and relevant information available.

Online, from the desk and the KCC. The software is modular, flexible and makes use of relevant links with commonly used applications. This also applies to the link with Seneca’s products can be found everywhere, in business and in the non-profit sector. Within this, Seneca is strongly represented at municipalities, housing associations and healthcare institutions.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with Seneca do?

Simplify the digital process and avoid the ‘print-scan-post problem’ with the signing extension of the Form Server, a tool for creating and managing online forms. The link with makes it possible to provide the online forms with a legally valid signature. There are three options for signing the form digitally. The following verification methods can be used to establish the identity of the signer with certainty:

  • Transfer one cent via iDeal
  • SMS authentication
  • DigiD
  • eRecognition
  • iDIN
  • Surfnet
  • Knowledge network
  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and Seneca
  • Good for the environment

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