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VOGSY is a mobile cloud solution on top of Google G Suite.

The solution is aimed at project-oriented organizations within the business services sector. VOGSY, part of Allsolutions, is designed to make everyday work easy and enjoyable by providing communication as we know it from Social Media. With VOGSY you can organize customers, quotations and projects. The software helps employees plan, provides the right overview and insight into the progress of projects. VOGSY also organizes the invoice flow of projects and it shows where you stand with KPIs in relation to the budget.

Some immediate benefits

What does the VOGSY – link do?

VOGSY ensures that you work together seamlessly in projects, that everyone has the right overview and that you know where you stand. With your pipeline, projects and the business. The link with makes it possible within the VOGSY platform to have quotations digitally signed by customers on-the-fly. This ensures an efficient work process and a fast turnaround time. You can then quickly continue with a new assignment, without the usual paperwork.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and VOGSY
  • Fast turnaround time


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