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OpenIMS Document Management Server (DMS) is a user-friendly web-based solution.

With the help of OpenIMS DMS, organizations can digitally optimize document flows, work project- or file- and/or case-oriented, manage HR files or, for example, archive factory documentation. Version management and an audit trail per document are guaranteed.

You can upload existing documents in the DMS, archive e-mail with attachments via the OpenIMS Outlook plugin or create new documents based on templates that enforce the corporate identity of the organization. Collaboration on documents inside and outside the company walls is also facilitated.

OpenIMS DMS is used by healthcare and government organizations, construction and installation companies, service companies, industrial companies and education.

The OpenIMS platform can be integrated with other back office and ERP systems, so that all information is used and managed in the right place.


Some immediate benefits

Integration with from Evidos

OpenIMS has a simple alternative to ‘print, sign, scan and mail’. A link has been realized for this with the signing solution of Evidos.
From the OpenIMS environment, an HR employee can, for example, draw up an employment contract and send it from a workflow to the Evidos platform for digital signing of the documents. Here the signatory can identify himself using, for example, SMS, iDIN, DigiD or a qualified certificate and put the digital signature. The signing process is recorded in a ‘transaction document’. This is proof that someone has actually signed a certain document.

OpenIMS then retrieves the documents immediately after signing and archives them in the DMS. OpenIMS can also offer a set of documents for signature based on the standard features of the Evidos platform.

Clients can design the signing process in their own house style so that it optimally contributes to the user experience.

  • Faster
  • From document creation to archiving fully integrated
  • Audit trail complete
  • Cost saving
  • more sustainable
  • Strong evidential value

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