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ROSA software has been supplying specialized software for childcare for 15 years.

ROSA distinguishes itself through the personal approach to its customers and makes all software and apps in-house. Customers therefore only have to deal with ROSA, it’s that easy!


What does the link with ROSA do?

The link with ROSA ensures that the documents to be signed, such as placement agreements, contract amendments, etc., are placed directly in the parent’s electronic file in ROSA after the parent’s signature. For example, a childcare center always has complete and immediate access to the electronic file of the parents and children.

There is no more paper, stamp or scanning involved. In addition, the digital signing process monitors via reminders that the documents are signed on time.

This saves users a lot of administration and time! The link with ROSA is free, the customer takes out a bundle of his choice with Evidos. If the customer comes via ROSA, he/she will receive an attractive discount on the bundle.

  • Streamlined processes ROSA and
  • All relevant information directly at hand
  • Simple, safe and effective

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