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T:MEBLOCKR is the tool when it comes to making appointments and managing them.

Since 2018, Evidos and T:MEBLOCKR have been partners, which has led to the integration of our digital signing and personal verification capabilities.

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What does the link with T:MEBLOCKR do?

The link with Evidos makes it possible to fill in documents online within T:MEBLOCKR and to provide them with a legally valid digital signature. This makes it possible to handle appointments online and remotely, which you used to have to come by. An additional advantage is that this all happens automatically, with confirmation when the process has been completed successfully. Additional verification via ID Proof and eHerkenning is also possible via the link with T:MEBLOCKR.

  • Streamlined processes T:MEBLOCKER and Signhost
  • Provide documents within T:MEBLOCKER with a legally valid digital signature
  • Extra verification via DigiD and eHerkenning

Municipalities that already use Trouwloket:

Case Stichtse Vecht

For example, the municipality of Stichtse Vecht uses T:MEBLOCKR to allow citizens to plan the wedding completely online. Until 2018 this was still done in the traditional way, it is now easy and fun from home. With extra options such as online orientation to the wedding locations, the Babs and other preferences.

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