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Actief Software specializes in software for organizations that focus on the recruitment and secondment of freelancers. A-PerfectMatch is a software from Actief Software which forms the link between customers, assignments and candidates.

A-PerfectMatch is a modern Windows application with a clear menu structure and logical screen structure. A MySQL database is used with which data is hosted in a secure manner. Features of A-PerfectMatch are the live internet link with website(s), extensive and simple matching, integrated invoicing, pay slips, extensive reports, calendar management and the option of group SMS and e-mail.


What does the link with A-PerfectMatch do?

The link between APM and makes it possible to send documents directly from the software to customers, who can provide these documents with a legally valid digital signature. An organization can keep control of the process because a transaction receipt is offered that provides insight into who has read and signed the document and when. This usually concerns the signing of employment contracts, framework agreements for self-employed persons and model declaration data for payroll tax.

  • Fast and legally valid
  •   Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and APM
  •   Good for the environment

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