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Mediavisie is an innovative ICT service provider for the education and labor market. Online media and intelligent software enable Mediavisie to organize smarter and communicate better. The company is a specialist in developing tools that enable companies to perform better. In addition, Mediavisie is the publisher of career portals (ROC.nl and OpleidingenWerk.nl) and is the market leader in the field of education and labor market communication.

Mediavisie’s career portals are visited by millions of people every year and provide a wealth of information about search behaviour, trends and developments in education, internships and the labor market. Mediavisie then, together with trend watchers, teachers, deans, mentors, representatives from industry and universities, ensures that this information is analyzed and used to outline future scenarios for the medium term.

Some immediate benefits

What does the Mediavisie – Ondertekenen.nl link do?

Mediavisie helps a large number of companies with the support of vision and strategy, brand and reputation, change and culture, positioning and performance, social connection and digital transformation. Digital signing is part of a digital transformation at more and more companies, for example to work towards a ‘paperless office’. Mediavisie therefore offers customers the opportunity to implement such an issue and to make indirect use of Evidos’ services.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Easy connection
  • Realizing a ‘paperless office’

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