mSafe – File exchange safe and easy to use

mSafe is a SaaS platform that makes it possible to exchange files in a safe and accessible way. mSafe is used by medium and large organizations in various sectors where privacy and business sensitive information must be protected in the transfer.


What does the link with mSafe do?

For the partnership with Evidos, mSafe has included a link with This way you have the functionalities and the signed files remain safe in mSafe.

With mSafe Digital Signing you can arrange it all within one clear flow. Your files remain safe throughout the process. In the dashboard of the module you can see at a glance who has already signed and who has not yet. And after completion you will receive a transaction document, which you can use for an audit, for example.

  • 100% Dutch
  • Activities are traceable
  • Shared temporarily
  • Own house style
  • Encryption
  • Automatic malware and virus scanning
  • Advanced Verification Technology

A number of customers who already use this link

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