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With its ERP software, Nocore Group focuses on automating processes within the temporary employment sector and the cleaning industry. One of the processes that is automated thanks to the software is payroll processing. With the further innovation products, the ERP software package is made available to employees, suppliers and customers of Nocore. Thanks to the link with, Nocore customers can now also have documents digitally signed directly.

Some immediate benefits

What does the link with Nocore do?

The link between Nocore and makes it possible to have documents, such as employment contracts and hiring agreements, digitally signed by a customer or employee. These documents are sent directly to the signatories from Nocore’s software and are provided with an advanced digital signature.
Users of the link can easily send a signing request from their own system. All signed documents can be found in the Nocore Online Portal.

The link with is an innovative, user-friendly service that allows customers to be served very quickly and efficiently.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and Nocore
  • Fast turnaround time

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